Metsovaara is your partner in the trade and the contract market. We are here to assist you in the design and production of any textile product and the delivery of your order. Our producers in Germany and Finland have a reputation for excellence.

We offer easy payments with a credit card or wire transfer and ship the products directly from the manufacturers.

Please request a quote for your interior project. We will do our best to offer you a good deal!

The benefits of a trade account are as follows:

Professional customer account at Metsovaara with your full order history in one place. You will receive from each textile product group catalogues with clear technical details and lead times for productions.

Unlimited access to the complete product ranges we launch and priority in notice and supply. This goes especially for our fireproof prints and wovens produced in Germany.

Consultation in different textile products. We make specific products for our clients’ projects. This has been the core business of Metsovaara. We are the solution to help you get any textile product you are looking for at factory prices.

You will have a competitive trade discount and easy payment methods with 45 days payment terms. We can give you a quick quote for specially required products.

For enquiries and the best price quotation for any textile product and design please contact us at

or call us at +4915150418973