Fabrics with large patterns are generally sold by the repeat, and those with small patterns are sold by the meter. The minimum order is one meter. The length of the pattern repeat is mentioned in the specifications of the fabric. Repeats are within +/- 3% of what is specified.

All of our cotton fabrics that are woven in Germany and printed in Finland and our linen fabrics that are woven in Finland are certified according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKOTEX®, meeting the requirements of product class 1 – the highest classification, suitable for baby and toddler articles. The certificate guarantees that the fabrics are free of harmful chemicals. Our cotton fabrics have a width of 150 – 155 cm, depending on the quality. In addition, our coated cotton prints are coated with an acrylic coating at the same factory.

Our state-of-the-art fireproof prints made in Germany have 140 – 300 cm width depending on the qualities and versions and are all permanently fireproof. In addition, our Trevira CS woven and printed fabrics and our woven furniture fabrics in linen are all certified to the STANDARD 100 by OEKOTEX® and meet the requirements of product class 4 – the standard for home textiles.

We at Metsovaara are committed to improving cotton farming worldwide together with Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

Better farming, better cotton: we are a member of the Better Cotton Initiative since 2020 and support responsible cotton sourcing through our actions and products.

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) was founded in 2005 to improve cotton farming practices and production globally by finding more sustainable solutions for farmers, the environment, and the cotton industry’s future. The Better Cotton Standard is being implemented in 24 countries and aims to save the environment from exploitation by training farmers on lighter farming methods that reduce the use of the most harmful chemicals and water.

The Better Cotton Initiative exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in, and better for the sector’s future. Read more about BCI here!

Better Cotton is sourced via a system of Mass Balance and is not physically traceable to end products. See bettercotton.org/massbalance for details.

Metsovaara is committed to sourcing 100 % of the cotton selected for its cotton and cotton with linen fabrics as Better Cotton. By choosing a cotton product from Metsovaara, you’re supporting responsible cotton production through the Better Cotton Initiative/BCI.

Can Metsovaara fabrics be used to make respiratory protective equipment?

We do not recommend using our fabrics as respiratory protective equipment or other face mask products for safety reasons. Metsovaara fabrics available for purchase are meant for interior design, and they have not been manufactured or tested to be used as respiratory protective equipment or similar facial protection products.

How much fabric do you need?

You should plan your sewing carefully before ordering a fabric to make sure that you purchase the correct amount. When calculating the amount of fabric needed, be sure to consider the excess required for hems and align the print or woven fabric.

For aligning the pattern, use the repeat measurement found in the product specification as a guide. Please also take potential shrinking into account when planning your sewing (cotton, satin, or batiste = 4%, linen = 6%).

Buying fabric for a cushion cover

  1. Decide the size of the cushion you want to have. Examples of common sizes are 40 x 40 cm and 50 x 50 cm. If you are making a new cover for an old cushion, measure your cushion.
  2. How much fabric do you need? If the cushion width is 50 cm or less, the height + 10 cm for seam allowance is what you should order. For example, for a 40 x 40 cm cushion, you should buy no less than 0,5 m of fabric (40 cm + 10 cm). If the cushion is wider than 50 cm, then the width + height + 10 cm for seam allowance is what you should order. For example, in the case of a 70 x 70 cm cushion – buy no less than 1,5 m of fabric (70 cm + 70 cm + 10 cm). NB The width of our fabrics is 150 – 155 cm

Buying fabric for a tabletop

  1. Measure your table and decide how much you want the fabric to hang over the edge of the table. A drop length of approximately 25 cm per side is normally recommended.
  2. How much fabric do you need? Table length + drop length + 15 cm hemming is what you should order. For example, for a 3 m long table buy no less than 3.65 m of fabric (3 m + 25 cm + 25 cm + 15 cm). NB The width of our fabrics is 140 – 155 cm

Buying fabric for curtains

  1. Decide the type of curtain you want to measure: pelmet, windowsill-length curtain, or floor-length curtain?
  2. Decide how you want to hang your curtain. For clips or hooks, the amount of extra fabric for hemming is 25 cm. In the case of the rod pocket, the amount of extra fabric for hemming is 30 cm.
  3. Consider the total with you want to see a curtain multiplied by 2 to 2,5. So, for example, in the case of a window surface of 3 m and 3 m of floor to ceiling height, and if the fabric is 150 cm in width, buy no less than 13.2 m of fabric for a rod pocket curtain. The window width of 3m is multiplied by at least 2 = 6m. The fabric width is 150 cm so the factor is 4, and 4 x 3 m height = 12 m + 4 x 30 cm = 13.2 m. NB The width of the fabric, in this case, is 150 cm, and we make curtains of a width up to 300 cm


Please note that fabrics are made-to-order products, which makes them non-returnable.

If the product shows manufacturing errors, it has to be returned to the address of the manufacturing point, which we will indicate to you. Cancellation right also applies to damaged or flawed shipments. In this case, do not accept the delivery and ask the freight service to have the goods sent back to the point of expedition or the address we will indicate to you. All freight costs are on us.

We aim at 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason the product does not meet the requirement of the customer, complaints, and notifications of flaws must be made with no delay by email at customerservice@metsovaara.com or call us at +358 9 4245 4414, and any complaint will be handled promptly.


Delivery time is two weeks when in stock, and four weeks on order for the fabrics made in Finland, six weeks for the Trevira CS fabrics and fireproof prints made in Germany. Special orders for custom-made materials or new designs take up to 8 weeks. Delivery time for specially made carpets takes eight weeks.

Prices and taxes

Prices are 20% VAT included in the UK and free of VAT outside the UK.

The payment methods we use are Global Pay and PayPal

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